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Raise Funds via an Initial Public Offering

An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is the first time company shares are available to investors. Details of the offering are presented to potential investors in a document known as an Offering Prospectus. The document explains the business, the shares available for purchase, and the total funds being raised.

Company shares are sold at a set price and the money invested for the shares is disbursed to the company in exchange for ownership stake in the company. An IPO allows you to raise capital for development, growth and strategic opportunities. You are never required to repay the capital raised through a public offering.

After the IPO closes, a private company becomes a public company. Public companies are obligated to report to investors on a regular basis. Keeping investors informed about the company’s performance will help maintain the company’s share value and make raising additional funds in a second round of financing an easier process.


Additional Benefits for Companies

controlpanel.png  Stay in Control
Retain control of your company. You decide how many shares you sell and when.
info.png  Receive Mentoring
SSX prepares each company for public listing. At each step in the listing process we offer feedback to improve the Company’s offering documents.

c_time.png  Concentrate on your Business
Raising capital for your Company can be a time consuming and distracting process. SSX simplifies the process and allows you to concentrate on growing your business.

c_coins.png  Flexible Fundraising
Companies may list via SSX with a business concept, or with years of operation. Companies are able to raise between US $100,000 and US $3 million.
audience.png  Crowd Assistance
On SSX the experience of an international pool of Verified Investors is at your disposal. The crowd that funded your company, is available to assist with business challenges that may arise in the future.

text.png  Simple Listing Process and Low Fee Structure
SSX offers a simple listing process and a fee structure specifically designed for the budgets of startups and small businesses.

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