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SSX Provides a Simple Listing Process and Low Fees

Using a straightforward six step process, SSX guides companies through the Initial Public Offering (IPO). SSX charges fees only as the steps in the listing process are completed. At each step the SSX team provides feedback to help companies refine their business idea and generate an Offering Prospectus for public listing.

SSX is unique among other methods of securing funding. Traditionally, Companies are charged a large commission based on the total funds raised: generally around 10%. The fee for listing your Company on SSX is only $5,525 with a 1.5% commission on the amount raised. The total fees are outlined below:


1 Register Company
The listing process begins with the creation of a Company Account on the SSX website. Registration requires basic Company details and a short description of your business idea that SSX will be used to sign a non-disclosure agreement. - FREE
4 Corporate and Legal Due Diligence
SSX reviews legal aspects of the Company as required for a public offering, including corporate documents and directors’ backgrounds, exploring material facts and potential liabilities. SSX verifies ownership of items like permits, licenses and patents. Corporate structure, bylaws and paperwork are reviewed and all financials are verified by an accountant. - US$2,500

2 Executive Summary
Submitting an Executive Summary is the next step. Answer six questions: your company’s solution to a market problem, the opportunity for generating revenue, the competitive landscape, your company’s revenue model and your team. SSX will review the Executive Summary and provide feedback on each section. - US $25

5 Finalize Listing Application
The Company’s application is compiled and submitted for formal approval to the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX). The DCSX is an internationally recognized exchange for the listing and trading of domestic and international securities, similar to the NYSE or London Exchange. DCSX is licensed by the Ministry of Finance of Curaçao and supervised by the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten.

3 Business Plan
Submission of a Business Plan provides detailed information about your Company, covering all areas of the Company’s business. A detailed analysis of the market, background of key leaders, detailed description of product and financial information is supplied by each company at this time. SSX reviews the Business Plan and provides detailed feedback on each section. - US $500.
6 Listing Approved – Start of IPO
Once the Company is approved for listing, the Initial Public Offering to investors begins and the company starts raising the funds it needs. - US $2,500


Once the offering is complete and the shares have been purchased, a 1.5% commission on the total offering amount is due to SSX.


Additional Benefits for Companies

controlpanel.png  Stay in Control
Retain control of your company. You decide how many shares you sell and when.
info.png  Receive Mentoring
SSX prepares each company for public listing. At each step in the listing process we offer feedback to improve the Company’s offering documents.

c_time.png  Concentrate on your Business
Raising capital for your Company can be a time consuming and distracting process. SSX simplifies the process and allows you to concentrate on growing your business.

c_coins.png  Flexible Fundraising
Companies may list via SSX with a business concept, or with years of operation. Companies are able to raise between US $100,000 and US $3 million.
audience.png  Crowd Assistance
On SSX the experience of an international pool of Verified Investors is at your disposal. The crowd that funded your company, is available to assist with business challenges that may arise in the future.

text.png  Simple Listing Process and Low Fee Structure
SSX offers a simple listing process and a fee structure specifically designed for the budgets of startups and small businesses.

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